2019 Gala

April 6th, 7pm, Swedish American Hall


Kafferep - a bake and eat workshop

When: Sunday August 25th, 2019, 3-5pm
Where: Pia’s home in Bernal Heights
Price: $50/person
Host: Pia Eriksson, Dolphin Mom
Event type: Adults only
# participants: 15

Swedish might be the only language with a word describing the action of having coffee and sweet treats. Fika is an essential part of Swedish culture! According to the tradition, at least seven! kinds of cookies are to be served at a proper Kafferep. At this workshop, join Dolphin Mom Pia Eriksson, in baking some of the most traditional Swedish cookies and enjoying them together afterwards at a delicious garden party.


Winterfell is Yours...

When: April 14th, ~8PM.
Where: Mimmi Skoglund's home in Castro
Price: $50/person
Hosts: Mimmi Skoglund and Israel Hopkins, White Shark Dad
Event type: Adults only
# participants:

The FINAL SEASON of Game of Thrones is now upon us. To celebrate the kickoff of the season, we will be hosting a viewing event on the night of the premiere. Speciality-themed craft cocktails, drinks and light snacks will be provided. Come dressed in your favorite Game of Thrones costume.


Beer Brewing Workshop

When: September 7 or 8 and September 29
Where: Jonas home in Bernal Heights
Price: $75/person
Host: Jonas Larsson, Dolphin Dad
Event type: Adults only
# participants: 10

Are you interested in the art of beer brewing, want inspiration for your long planned own home brewery or just like drinking good beer with friends? Come join Dolphin dad, and avid homebrewer, Jonas Larsson, for this introductory home brewing workshop. First you will have a ~5 hours long brewing session where you'll get to see and participate in all the steps involved in brewing a batch of all grain beer. Milling grains, adjusting pH levels in the mash, lautering, boiling wort in huge kettles, all that fun stuff. Your host will take care of cleaning before and after (which accounts for most of a brewer's time, in case you didn't know 😉). Snacks provided while brewing. Three weeks later the two brew teams get together to sample their creations, plus whatever else Jonas has on tap, over a BBQ lunch. Included is also a commemorative growler filled with your beer of choice to bring home.


Fredagsmys - Cozy Friday

When: Friday April 26th, 6-10pm
Where: at school
Price: $50/child
Host: SSSF teachers
Event type: Kids only, age 3-6
# of participants: 12

Have date night with your significant other while your kids are having the time of their lives, at school! at night! in PJs! Your tots will be served dinner, play, do crafts and have movie time with popcorn while you go out and enjoy adult company knowing your kids are in the best possible hands, in the care of our beloved SSSF teachers.


Beers and Brats

When: A weekend evening in May 2019, date to be mutually agreed
Where: Start at Appelqvist’s home in Duboce Park
Price: $50/person *
Hosts: Michelle and Alex Appelqvist, White Shark parents
Event type: Adults only
# participants: 10

Begin at "Home base", enjoying a sampling of Scandinavian microbrews and light appetizers at the Appelqvist household in Duboce Park. Next, we will walk 3 blocks to Rosemunde Sausage Grill, where you can order a sausage (vegan option too!) and take it next door to Toronado to enjoy with a pint of your choice! Toronado features over 45 global beers on tap.  For those who wish to continue, Black Sands Brewery is one block away…. * Fee covers welcome beer tasting; one pint at Toronado and 1 sausage


Indigo Dye Workshop

When: Saturday, June 1st, 2019 - 2 to 4 pm
Where: Frannie’s home in NoPA
Price: $50/child
Hosts: Anna, Meshi and Frannie, White Shark Moms
Event type: kids only
# participants:

Drop-off your kids for a fun-filled and creative 2-hour Indigo-Dye-Workshop in Nopa. Each participant will create their own t-shirt and tea towel while learning the basics of indigo dyeing. Included are one t-shirt and tea towel per participant and snacks. Please feel free to send your kids with more textiles that need a makeover e.g. socks, t- shirts, leggings, etc.. Older siblings are welcome to sign up for this event too!


Theater Improvisation Class

When: April 28th, 2019, 12:30 - 1:45pm
Where: Moving Arts Studio, San Francisco
Price: $50/person
Host: AnneMarie Ullman, Dolphin mom
Event type: Adults only
# participants: 15

Learn to think on your feet and build ideas from nothing! Retrain your brain to be playful, commit to silliness, and easily adapt. In this class we will tell collaborative stories. Life is an act of improvisation! Learn to influence situations and listen more precisely. Be ready for whatever unexpected moment is around the corner! Be comfortable and maybe even happy in failure!


Urban Bike Hike

When: TBD, a Saturday at 9:30 am
Where: start at the Mill in NoPA
Price: $50/family
Host: Elbogen family, Owl Family
Event type: Family
# of participants: 5 families

Do you enjoy toting your tots around the city by bike? Join the Elbogen family for a Saturday morning family "fika" and bike ride! We will convene on a Saturday morning around 9:30am on a date to be determined at the Mill coffee shop in NoPA. The Elbogens will take coffee orders and pick up adventure bread and avocado toasts for the start of our gathering at the picnic tables out front. Then we will bike caravan through the Panhandle and Golden Gate Park ending at Ocean Beach. Play time at the beach to follow!


Marimekko with Leda - A Private Shopping Party

When: Sunday April 21st, 6pm
Where: Marimekko Store, Palo Alto
Price: $50/person
Event type: Adults only
Host: Leda Lewin , Dolphin Mom
# participants: 10

Join Dolphin mom Leda for a private shopping party at the Marimekko store in Palo Alto. Enjoy sweets and sips while the store staff are your personal shoppers and stylists. Additionally you’ll get 15% discount on all full-priced items and a complimentary Marimekko Logo tote bag to take home.


Indian dinner - cooking and eating

When: Saturday September 14th
Where: Sonal’s home in SF
Price: $75/person
Event Type: Adults only
Host: Sonal Mody , White Shark Mom
# participants: 8

Join the Mody-Nielsen's for an Indian inspired count me in experience on September 14.
Learn some basics of Indian cooking while making 2 recipes that can be modified for a variety of options from 5:30-7pm. Stay for (or just come to eat) appetizers and dinner 7-11pm